Salifert Reef Boron – 1000ml

Boron is present in Natural Sea Water at a moderately low concentration (4, 4-4, 8 mg / L or ppm). It is mainly present as boric acid and to a lesser extent as borate. It has several important biological functions and research results show that too low a concentration of boron can slow the growth of corals and coralline algae.

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Boron also has a positive effect especially in the range of pH 8.1-8.3 buffering. In most aquariums, boron is exhausted very slowly. In some aquariums, boron is present in a high concentration. This is due to the use of poor quality salt with greatly increased concentrations of boron or supplements with increased boron concentration. About Salifert Borium This supplement does not contain the toxic boric acid compound and ensures that boron is gradually converted into the desired boric acid within 24 hours.This procedure has many advantages, there will not be a locally high concentration but the boron will be mixed evenly throughout the aquarium. If present as boric acid, a small but temporary toxic effect could occur. This danger is avoided with the salifert procedure.

Salifert is the only one with such an essential additive. Also, all ingredients are of pharmaceutical quality or better. This ensures that no unwanted elements are added to your valuable aquarium. Other requirements Other elements such as strontium and many trace elements can have some similar effects to boron. That is, accelerating coral growth through which many biological processes take place. These processes can easily be supplemented with our Natural Strontium, Trace Soft and Trace Hard. Instructions: Use a boron test (Salifert’s Borium Profi test) to measure the boron concentration. This supplement should be dosed when boron concentrations are less than 4.4 mg / L (ppm). Every 10 ml per 100 liters will increase the boron concentration by approx. 0.25 mg / l (ppm). It takes about 20 hours for the boron to be measured!