WAV Starter Kit

The Neptune Systems WAV Starterkit includes two WAV streaming pumps, 1LINK module and a power supply. Having a powerhead that can be pointed in all directions is nothing new, but the hardware to make that happen usually takes up too much space and is unsightly. The WAV answers both of these problems with a new take on an articulating mount. Apex Fusion controls the WAV with a multitude of patterned flow and random settings. You can even set one or more pumps to mirror or be the inverse of another. The WAV pumps can be set up to create a nearly infinite combination of flow types, intensity, and interaction between pumps. And the best part – no programming is necessary! It is as easy as moving dots on a graph and selecting from a menu of flow options”.

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Product not in stock - Estimated backorder time: 14 days

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The WAV moves water. Plain and simple. More than 4000 gallons per hour of it! Better yet, for the same amount of flow, the WAV is smaller, uses less power, and is quieter than the most popular powerhead pumps on the market.

Safe, 24V DC operation
Low power consumption – <35W at the wall Magnetic mount works on up to 1″ glass