TRITON CORE7 Base Elements Concentrate – 4x 1 l

Triton CORE7 Base elements 4 x 1 LTR Concentrate. The Triton method is an innovative and accurate way to maintain and maintain your aquarium and its inhabitants in a simple and efficient way. This version of Triton is suitable for aquariums with an algae filter.

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Product not in stock - Estimated backorder time: 14 days

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By applying modern laboratory technology it is now possible to determine the individual needs of your aquarium and this element per element. The advantages of this method:

– Enormous growth and coloring of the corals

– Maintenance simplified with fewer or no water changes

– Completely natural products

– Individually tailored dosage for your aquarium, and this per element

– Cost efficient way of dosing, only the element and the amount that is consumed needs to be dosed

– Own measurements are reduced to Kh and Nitrate

– The lab test gives you the result of 32 other parameters, even up to a millionth of a gram.

– Follow-up of the measurements on the basis of personalized online advice.

– History of the measured values ​​is always available online (later also locally).

– From now on no more guesswork as with aquarium test sets.

Core7 Base Elements and Reef Supplements are two new lines of the reef aquarium additive line that have the potential to take aquarium keeping to a whole new level. Although the Triton Elements have only been on the market for a few years, they are roughly on par with the concentration of most major additive line, the Core7 elements are and additions that boost the concentration 7x.