Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Block

Microbial Stabilized Water Purification Technology with Porous Biological Filter (W-BAF).

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2 in stock

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Ultra-high cross-sectional area and filtration area ratio.

Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres are made of small ceramic balls and are completely inert.

For freshwater and saltwater aquariums

The Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres are carefully manufactured to ensure optimum quality and porous structure and thus effectively control the quality and stability of the water column.

Each Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere has up to 54m² (580ft²) of surface area for the establishment of bacterial colonies.

Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres excel in establishing bacterial colonies as bio-nano composite films. They allow different species of bacteria and fungi, such as nitrifying bacteria, yeasts, phototrophic prokaryotes, etc., to grow on their large surface area without decomposing them.

To facilitate maintenance and save space for other equipment, we advise you to put the Nano-Tech Bio-Spheres in a textile filter before putting them in your tank.