Maxspect Aeraqua Skimmer Duo AD600

The Maxspect Aeraqua Duo skimmer is a new generation skimmer with a design that has several advantages and innovations:

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Product not in stock - Estimated backorder time: 14 days

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Virtually silent operation
The Aeraqua Duo skimmer is equipped with the Maxspect Turbine Duo pump with two inlets and two outlets. As this pump uses sine wave technology, it makes the operation of the Aeraqua Duo skimmer almost silent.

Two water inlets
The Aeraqua Duo has two water inlets which allow the skimmer to suck in water from both sides. When one of the inlets is completely closed, the skimmer also draws water from inside, which improves water filtration for the aquarium.

Double Needle Wheels
Each water inlet has two needle wheels, one rotating while the other is static. This unique patented design results in tiny, higher density bubbles that greatly improve skimming efficiency.

Everything is integrated
The elegance and refinement of the Aeraqua Duo have been achieved thanks to several ingenious ideas such as concealing the air silencer in the base plate of the skimmer, integrating the air pipes and the water level adjustment knob on the body of the skimmer. This last feature makes it easy and precise to adjust the water level in the skimmer.