Jebao/Jecod Wifi Dosing System 4 Pumps

The Jecod WiFi dosing pump 2.4 is the latest dosing pump from the Jecod / Jebao brand.

This new dosing pump is equipped with WiFi, and also has a display and buttons on the housing. This dosing pump can be operated from the smartphone or tablet, but also directly on the device itself through the built-in display and the buttons on the housing. The Jecod dosing computers are ideal for daily dosing of additives. For example when using the Balling method, DSR etc. for seawater aquariums and for the Estimative Index, Redfield Ratio etc. for freshwater aquariums.

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1 in stock

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Easy programming on your smartphone
Can also be programmed via the display on the dosing pump
Smartphone setup can save time for beginners and more accuracy to avoid input errors on traditional
LCD dosing pump Ideal for dosing CA / MG / KH or RO
Max Program 24 times a day per pump