Grotech Mineral Pro Instant – 1000 g Can

Sodium chloride free marine salt / Mineral salt for reverse osmosis water

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Product not in stock - Estimated backorder time: 14 days

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Marine salt contains about 78% common salt (NaCL2) as its main component.
Hardening by the balling method produces not only calcium but also a large amount of common salt.
This results in an accumulation of common salt in the seawater aquarium.
The addition of mineral pro instant compensates for this and ensures a balanced ion balance.

Mixing of a Balling-basic solution:
Fill 25g Mineral pro instant in a measuring cap and add osmosis water up to 1000ml.
The Balling stock solutions of Carbonat- , Calcium- , Magnesium- and Mineral pro instant must be dosed in equal parts separately from each other !

Due to its high magnesium, mineral and trace element content, Mineral pro instant is of course also suitable for the hardening and mineralisation of fresh water, as well as for the remineralisation of osmosis water.
The addition of 1 tablespoon of mineral per 10 litres of osmosis water remineralises the water, i.e. the vital minerals and trace elements are returned to the demineralised water.