Grotech CoralMarine Salt – 3,5 kg / 100 l

CoralMarine Reef Salt contains a lot of vital important trace elements and micronutrients required by a lot of corals, invertebrates and fishes.

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Product not in stock - Estimated backorder time: 14 days

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CoralMarine Reef Salt is produced from first-class chemicals in pharmaceutical quality.
In order to be able to use CoralMarine Reef Salt for all types of exit water, we decided to add a part of Calcium and Magnesium separately in liquid condition.
Thus you have the possibility to adapt those two values optimally to your exit water, so that you can always adjust by yourself the necessary value required by your aquarium.
After dissolving in membrane diffusion water, CoralMarine Reef Salt contains up to 1170 mg/l Magnesium and 0mg/l Calcium. This value is to be understood without having added the two liquid components.
When using membrane diffusion water you can increase by means of the Magnesium-component the Magnesium value in the fresh salt water up to 1420mg/Liter and with the Calcium-component the Calcium value up to 450mg/ Liter.

Operating Instructions:
– Care for enough water movement in the water tank by means of a pump.
– Please dissolve the appropriate amount of salt in the water. NEVER add the water to the salt.
– After dissolving please check the density of the salted water mixed a new.
– After the salt is solved entirely, the water can be used immediately. A “pre-ageing”, how it is partly recommended with other salts, is not required.
– We recommend a salinity from 33-34 %o or a density of 1021-1022 g/l with 25°C (77°F)
– The fluid components should be added directly to the aquarium after the water change has been
carried out. Possible precipitations are avoided thereby.