Grotech Corall B – 250ml

When used in combination, Corall A, B and C contain all the compounds and microelements necessary for corals to successfully maintain and reproduce corals, ensure natural coloration and enhanced growth and also improve polyp appearance.

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Product not in stock - Estimated backorder time: 14 days

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These are essential for the vital biological processes in the cells and promote a functioning and healthy organism.

With additional application of VitAmino M, the vitamin and amino acid requirements are covered in addition to the supply of trace elements.

The GROTECH ABC-system could be easily dosed by automatic dosing pumps.
The GROTECH ABC-system does not cover the complete requirement of quantity elements such as magnesium, calcium and carbonates.
These values must be checked regularly and, if necessary, compensated by adding GROTECH Magnesium pro, Calcium pro and Carbonate pro or products of the GROTECH Element series.

Corall B contains fluorine, iodine, boron, molybdenum…

Max. 10 ml per week for 100 l aquarium water.
Dosage quantity refers to a well populated coral reef tank.

In order to avoid fluctuations in the concentration of trace elements, a daily or better several times daily dosage is recommended.

Do not mix Corall A, B, C and VitAmino M in the measuring cup but add them separately to the aquarium.

Rarely does the colour intensity of hard corals does decrease after colour successes. If this effect occurs, we recommend reducing the dosage to 30% of the last used quantity.
As soon as the colours return, gradually increase the dosage again until the optimum quantity for your aquarium has been found.