Grotech 12 Ceramic Frag Plugs – 30mm

By fragmenting coral, it is possible to produce offshoots of many coral species and thus increase the corals.

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Product not in stock - Estimated backorder time: 14 days

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The coral offshoots can then be easily glued onto the Grotech Ceramic Frag Plugs.
Grotech Ceramic Frag Plugs are available in 3 different sizes 22mm / 30mm / 40mm so that the right plug can always be selected according to the size of the coral scions.
For gluing on we recommend d, depending on the type and size of the fragment, the Grotech Coral Glue CoraFix Gel or CoraFix Stick. Due to the rough surface structure of our Frag Plugs, the glue adheres optimally and the corals can grow undisturbed. The fired ceramic material of the Frag Plugs behaves neutrally in seawater and is quickly colonized by coral tissue or red calciferous algae.

Due to the mushroom shape the Frag Plugs can be placed in Grotech Frag Holder or in light grid plates. This way the offshoots stay in place and are not moved by currents or fish in the aquarium.