Fauna Marin Skim Breeze Reactor Spezial-Luftfilter – 2,5 l

Fauna Marin Skim Breeze Reactor is a special air filter used for connecting to the air inlet of a protein skimmer for air purification and CO2 reduction.

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Product not in stock - Estimated backorder time: 14 days

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Size Skim Breeze Reaktor 2,5 Liter:
Height: 34,8 cm
Base plate: 12,3-13,3 cm diameter

How to use
To fill the filter, loosen the screw slightly, insert the appropriate hose adapter for the protein skimmer and close the filter cover.

Usage of the Skim Breeze granulate
Do not submerge or expose the granules to water. Do not inhale dust, use gloves, and eye protection when filling reactor with Skim Breeze granulate.

Please observe the dosage instructions of the Skim Breeze granulate.


Fauna Marin Skim Breeze is a special adsorbing granule used for purifying the air pulled-in by protein skimmers.

Through skimmer air purification, your aquarium’s pH value will increase and become more stable. By reducing nutrients, algae growth is significantly reduced and coral growth is increased. Our high performance adsorbent prevents harmful gases such as cigarette smoke and CO2 from being introduced via the skimmer.

1000 ml of Skim Breeze per 500 liters (132 US gal) of aquarium volume will last about 4-6 weeks.
Skim Breeze granulate must be replaced when granulate turns completely violet.
A refolding of the used material does not mean it can be used again.

Dosing instructions
Place Skim Breeze granules into a dry filter and connect the filter to skimmer air inlet.

Safety instructions
Do not inhale the granulate, do not inhale dust, use gloves. Keep container tightly closed and protected from direct sunlight.
Skim Breeze granules must be carefully handled at all times. Keep out of the reach of children. Read label before use.

Irritant causes severe skin burns and severe eye damage. Protect product from sun exposure and moisture.
H315 H318, P302 / P352, P332 / 313, P305 / 351/338, P280

Calcium hydroxide (EC 215-137-3), sodium hydroxide (EC 215-283-8), zeolites (EC 215-283-8)

Proper disposal
Exhausted granules can be disposed via household waste.