Fauna Marin Aquahometest K Potassium-Test

The potassium test from Fauna Marin sets new standards in determining the potassium content in seawater aquariums: it delivers extremely precise results in just a few, easy-to-perform steps using a newly developed titration method.

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Product not in stock - Estimated backorder time: 14 days

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Determining a correction value increases the accuracy of the results.

Measuring range: 300 – 500 mg/l
Resolution: 5 mg/l
Potassium is an essential macronutrient for all living things. In natural seawater, the alkali metal is present in an average concentration of 408 mg/l. In a seawater aquarium, the potassium concentration can usually be kept stable by regularly changing the water. Nevertheless, a lack of potassium can occur in individual pools due to the use of zeolites and other adsorbers. An indication of a possible potassium deficiency is the clear discoloration of the corals and the retraction of the polyps. In the reef aquarium, the potassium concentration should be checked regularly and kept at a value between 380 and 420 mg/l.

To increase the potassium concentration when the values ​​are too low, we recommend using Fauna Marin Elementals K in order to adjust the potassium content back to the natural level and sometimes to bring about a vitality boost for various corals.

If the potassium concentration in the water is too high, a partial water change is carried out.