Centropyge heraldi, M

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Yellow Angel - Coral Sea. Centropyge heraldi. Care: Intermediate. Diet: Omnivorous. Light: Medium. Place of origin: Coral Sea Reef safe Exclusive TMC

Western Pacific, ranging from Taiwan and southern Japan to northern Indonesia, and along eastern New Guinea to the Coral Sea: and in central Pacific, the Marianas and the Marshalls, and east to the Tuamotu Archipelago. Clear oceanic locations, usually reef slopes at the bottom of drop-offs. Reported from shallow depths, but in most locations it occurs deep. On the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef they are most common at 40-50m where they are in small groups on rubble with stringy sponges. In Micronesia they can be found on reef flats as shallow as 5m. Easily identified by its plain yellow colour, males with darker markings behind the eye. Length to 10cm.