Vitalis Marine Pellets (XS), 1mm, 300g

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Vitalis Marine Pellets have taken over 20 years experience in ornamental aquaculture and water processing to enable Vitalis to formulate a first for the aquarium industry - soft sinking pellets. Vitalis has harnessed the nutritional benefits of its highly successful marine flakes and transferred it into a revolutionary pellet. Tailored to meet the nutritional demands of coral reef fishes, this diet maintains vibrant colour and supports both health and vigour. These specialist marine pellets deliver a palatable and highly digestible balanced feed. They may be used in conjunction with Vitalis Algae Pellets and also in rotation with the Vitalis Marine Platinum range to maintain peak health and condition in your fish.


Suitable for all tropical marine species including:

  • All Marine Angelfish

  • Gobies

  • Damselfish

  • Clownfish

  • Moray Eels

  • Wrasse

  • Pufferfish

  • Parrotfish

  • Hawkfish

Features & Benefits:

  • Unique soft sinking pellet formulation

  • Natural ingredients

  • Less waste

  • Improved water quality

  • Sustainably sourced ingredients

Composition: Fish and Fish Derivatives, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Molluscs and Crustaceans, Oils and Fats, Minerals.

Analytical Constituents: Protein 52%, Inorganic Matter 20%, Moisture 19%, Fat Content 9.4%, Fibre 2%.