Tunze Hydrofoamer Silence. 9460.040

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For TUNZE DOC Skimmer 9460.
Cable: 3 m (118")
Maximum air capacity: 5,400 l/h (1,426 USgal./h)
Water flow rate: 3,500 l/h (925 USgal./h)
Energy consumption: 58 W at 5,400 l/h (1,426 USgal./h) air capacity
Pump outlet with 1" GAS thread.
Pump housing with nozzle and angle 90°.


Tunze Instructions

TUNZE® Hydrofoamers Silence are specially...

developed pumps for TUNZE® protein skimmers DOC Skimmer. They can also be used as replacement needle wheel pumps on any suitable skimmer available on the market. Additionally, they have a high air output at a very low power consumption and low operating noise. Motor with protective thermostat. Pump drive: Rotor with high-performance one-part magnet, with all-ceramic bearing. Mains connection: 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz).