Salifert Organics test

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Salifert Profi Test Organic: Some organic compounds such as phenolics acids / humic not removed properly from the skimmer, the biological filter or activated carbon. These compounds can become difficult to remove them and thus have a negative effect on water quality.
Salifert Organics is a semi-quantitative tests, there is no other product comparable to it.



Instructions: Fill the syringe with two test tubes with 4 ml of water.  /  Mark the tube with the number 1 and 2  /  Add 3 drops org-1 in the tube 1, stir for 5 seconds, then let stand 15 minutes. / Add a drop of the specimen 1 org-2 agitated for 10 seconds and wait 20 seconds  /  Continue adding org-2 until the water in the tube becomes yellowish / The tube 2 (non-treated water) will be needed to better percer variation.   /  Count the drops of org-2 and check the result on the table:

- (1 drop) low pollution
- (2 drops) high pollution
- (3 drops) critical pollution