Salifert Boron test

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Salifert Boron Profi Test: Boron is an essential element in the marine environment. Too low a concentration can slow the growth of corals and calcareous algae, while too high a concentration can result in the formation of boric acid, which can act as a bactericide, killing essential bacteria in the life of the reef.

The concentration of boron in sea reativity low, between 4.4 mg / L and 4.8 mg / L.  Boron E'consigliabile test once a month.  Salifert Boron Profi-Test kit measures the Boro in intervals of 0.5 mg / L.

Always wait 24 hours after the last addition of Boron to the tank before measuring the value. To increase the boron concentration of additives used in light of that consideration or sodium borate or boric acid. The pH of the water to be tested must be between 7.9 and 8.5. The sea water contains approx. 4.4 ppm Boron



Operating Instructions: This test can measure boron in seawater from 0.5 up to approx. 40 ppm. For boron concentrations greater than 20 ppm you need to use half the quantity of water to be tested in phase B and D. The quantity of reagents remains the same.
If you use less water every drop of B-3 hours equals 1 ppm to 0.5 ppm Boron and not as written in step G.

  1. Place the two containers for testing neighbors, on a base white

  2. Add the syringe with 8 ml of water (2 times 4 ml) into the left

  3. Add 8 drops of B-1 and a drop of B-3 in the container and shake gently for 20 seconds. If the color is yellow then it means that the pH is too low and the test can not be completed.

  4. With the same 5 ml syringe (empty) aspirated 4 ml of colored water from the container and pour it into the container left empty right. The container left will now serve as a comparison and testing will continue using the container to the right.

  5. Add one level measuring spoon of B-2 in the right container and shake gently for 20 seconds

  6. Add the container to the right, the B-3 reagent drop by drop. Agitate gently after each drop. Keep adding drops of B-3 (and stirring after each drop for 10 sec.) Since the color does not become similar to that of the liquid in the container left. Remember to always make the comparison on a white base.

  7. Every drop of B-3 added in phase f corresponds to 0.5 ppm of boron.

After the tests perfectly reseal the containers of reagents. Especially B-3 in contact with the air reacts with carbon dioxide and tends to give false results in subsequent tests.
If you know the pH level of the water you're testing the result may be more accurate. If the pH is 8,1-8,3 not have to do any correction.

  • If the pH is lower than 8.1 subtract 10% from the measured value

  • If the pH is between 8,3-8,5 by adding 10% to the measured value