Salifert Natural Iodine – 250ml

Corals may require iodine as a detoxifier, UV protection and natural defense against many parasites. Iodine is present in natural sea water at a very low concentration (0.06 mg / L or 0.06 ppm).

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Product not in stock - Estimated backorder time: 14 days

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Iodine is found in natural sea water in different types. These include iodide, iodate, molecular iodine and hypoiodite. Natural seawater contains iodine predominantly as iodate and to a lesser extent iodide. However, there is a misconception among many hobbyists who believe that iodide is predominant in natural seawater. Research by Salifert and universities has shown this to be untrue. Salifert’s Natural Iodine Supplement contains a high proportion of iodate and also some iodide in similar proportions to natural seawater. All ingredients are of pharmaceutical quality or even better. This ensures that no unwanted elements are added to your valuable aquarium. Use: 5 ml per 100 liters once every 2 or 3 weeks. Adjust dosage according to individual needs (use an iodine test). Every 5 ml per 100 liters will reduce the iodine concentration (that is iodide + iodate) by approx. 0.04 mg / L.