AF Borium Lab – 1 l

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Product not in stock - Estimated backorder time: 14 days

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n a closed aquarium system, maintaining conditions that perfectly reflect the natural environment is a real challenge for the aquarists. Natural sea water contains microelements, that despite their low concentration, have a huge impact on the aquatic life.

Boron is one of the trace elements found in the natural environment of corals. It takes part in the metabolism of calcium and accelerates the growth of coralline algae. Due to its properties, it positively influences the development of coral skeletons and improves coloration. Maintaining the appropriate level of boron increases the production of red phytopigments, which lead to more intense coloration of zooxanthella corals (yellow, orange and red).

Helps to maintain the proper concentration of boron
The highest quality product tested in a laboratory
Created in cooperation with the best chemists
Improves the color of corals
Accelerates the growth of calcareous algae and the calcification of skeletons