Pomacanthus semicirculatus, Juv, S

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Koran Angel : J. Pomacanthus semicirculatus. Care: Beginner. Diet: Omnivorous. Light: Medium. Place of origin: Western Indian Ocean

Widespread Indo-west Pacific, from East Africa to Fiji, north to Chiba Pref. Japan and south to central NSW, Australia. Occurs on mixed coral or rocky coastal reefs from intertidal to at least 40m depth. The species is hardly shy in most places, and usually seen singly, very rarely in pairs. Juveniles are cryptic when very small and usually  in algae rich crevices at depths of 1 or 2m. Adults have electric-blue opercular  margins and fin margins that adorn the brownish green body. Juveniles are totally different in colour with backward-curving vertical blue and white lines, which are almost semicircular on the posterior third of the body. In the Western Indian Ocean this angelfish is also called "Koran angelfish" due to the Arabic script-like pattern on the median fins of large juveniles. Colouration changes from juvenile to adult patterns start at a body length of about 10cm. Length to 40cm, common about 30cm.