Pomacanthus asfur, M

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Asfur Angel. Pomacanthus asfur. Care: Beginner Diet: Omnivorous Light: Medium Place of origin: Red Sea

Red Sea from Hurghada south, ranging into the western Gulf of Aden, but not reaching the coast of Oman. A solitary and usually shy species, inhabiting protected shallow lagoon reefs to about 20m depth, preferring the silty water of muddy reefs where visibility is often poor. Adults are iridescent blue and black with a a bright yellow band from just above the anus into the dorsal fin, and yellow caudal fin. Juveniles have alternating thin blue and white vertical lines. With growth, a yellow bar develops centrally on the body below the dorsal fin and above the abdomen, changing gradually to the adult stage at a length of about 4-6cm. Length to 40cm, but usually to 25cm.