Pomacanthus annularis, Juv, S

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Care: Intermediate Diet: Omnivorous Light: Medium Place of origin: Western Indian Ocean

Annularis Angelfish (Blue Ring) are incredible species to add to any large marine aquarium. They have a beautiful dark orange colour with a stunning bright white caudal fin. They were once classified as butterfly fish due to their compressed bodies and butterfly characteristics. They are now classified under the same genus as the Emperor angelfish. Like most angelfish, they are protogynous hermaphrodites – can change sex from female to male in a single sex environment.Caution is advised when adding this species to a reef aquarium. Just like most angelfish, they have an appetite for LPS corals and other sessile invertebrates. Some aquarists have had success in keeping these with SPS corals, but caution is still advised. Ideally, a Fish Only with Live Rock (FOWLR) would be perfect for this angelfish! We feed ours on NutraPellet Algae Boost which provides all the nutrient needed to maintain a large angel like the Annularis.Keep a look out for this angel when looking for your next flagship fish!