Platax batavianus - T.B. (S)

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Platax batavianus, commonly known as the Humpback batfish, is a very large batfish, which is only suitable for the largest home tanks and zoo's. As juveniles they've a lot of vertical white stripes on a black body and long fins with filaments Although very extravagant looking, this is actually meant as camouflage and blends very well with the crinoids they're associated with in the wild. As they get older (and move to deeper waters) they become mostly silvery with a few broad dark vertical bands and some yellow in the fins. Compared to the other Platax spp. they are more elongated and have a hump above their mouth. 



In nature they're usually solitary but sometimes live in groups. Due to their large adult size a group would only be suitable for a public tank. A few things to think about before purchasing a batfish are that wild caught fish can be hard to wean to food and might be susceptible to ich. Once adapted to captivity they usually pose no problems anymore.They can eat small fish and shrimps however, so make sure to pick their tankmates with care. Corals are generally left alone but some might haress anemones. 

This fish is Tank Bred and will adapt to your aquarium easier compared to a wild caught specimen!