Paracentropyge venusta, S

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Venusta Angel. Paracentropyge venusta. Care: Expert. Diet: Omnivorous. Light: Medium. Place of origin: Western. Pacific Reef safe

North-western Pacific, southern Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and Palau. Found mainly on outer reef slopes or drop-offs to at least 40m depth. Not so much on coral reefs and usually inhabits caves or holes of steep walls where it typically swims upside down. Adults are mostly blue with yellow bellow, from snout to anal fin, and in the young, a yellow band extends behind the head. Fairly commonly seen in certain areas of the Tokaras, north of Amami-ohshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, and in the Izu Islands.In Palau it is rare. Seen solitary, in pairs and occasionally in small groups of up tho three or four individuals. Length to 12cm.