Omega One. Seaweed, Green 23 g. 24 sheets

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  • NUTRITIOUS: Made with the finest seaweed available, Omega One Seaweed is rich in natural vitamins and minerals, and aids in proper digestion. These sheets are great for all algae grazers!

  • CONVENIENT: Comes in a resealable poly bag for lasting freshness. Seaweed Sheets are pre-cut for ease of use and elimination of waste

  • PAIRING TIP: Use the Omega One Super Veggie Seaweed Clip for simple seaweed retrieval



Super Veggie Seaweed Sheets - Green - 24 pk. Omega One Super Veggie Green, Brown, or Red Seaweed sheets are made with the finest seaweed available.

Reward your aquatic pets with a delicious and healthy snack. This 100% natural seaweed treat provides essential nutrients and vitamins to help keep your fish in good condition. Choose a treat your fish will love with Omega One Super Veggie Seaweed for Fish. Made from 100% natural seaweed, the snack provides important vitamins and minerals that are important to your pets' health. The seaweed promotes natural grazing habits.. For use with saltwater species, including Tangs, Angels, Moorish Idols, Wrasses, Parrotfish, Damsels, some large Butterfly fish and all other saltwater algae grazers. Can also be used with freshwater species, such as Plecos, African Cichlids, Fancy Goldfish, Live Bearers, Kissing Gouramis and all other freshwater algae gazers   100% natural. Provides essential nutrients and vitamins, including B6, B12, B3, C, E, iron, potassium and more. Promotes natural grazing habits. Serves as a delicious treat your fish will lov