OCTO CalReact 140, Calcium Reactor w. VarioS 2 pump

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The Reef Octopus OCTO CR140 (CalReact) Calcium Reactor w/ VarioS 2 multiple speed pump meet the challenging task of maintaining alkalinity, calcium and trace elements on a demanding reef system. All models come with a PH probe holder (probe and PH controller sold separately) to monitor Ph levels in the main reactor chamber, and also come with built in bubble counters to monitor Co2 drip rates. 



  • For aquariums up to 200 gallons

  • Variable speed, Apex ready VarioS 2 Pump

  • Reverse flow and CO2 recirculating design

  • Auto fill bubble counter

  • Probe holder w/ plug (pH probe NOT included)

  • Easy to remove lid

  • Precision effluent control valve

  • 1/4" quick connect fittings

Technical Specs:

  • Body Size: 5.5in

  • Footprint: 12.2in x 9.1in

  • Total Height: 23in

  • Media Capacity: 3.8L (1gal)

  • Inlet Size: 1/4in

  • Max Feed Rate: 150GPH