Maxspect Turbine Duo 6K Water Pump 6500 lph /~46W

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The first water pump that is configurable to the typical single input/output pump configuration as well as a dual input/output for additional flow reaching 1720gph / 

Available Output Configurations

Single IN/OUT - Flow: 1060gph / 4012liter.  Head: 8.5ft / 2,59m. Wattage: 35w
Double IN/OUT -  Flow: 1720gph / 6510liter.  Head: 8ft / 2,43m. Wattage: 48w
Combined IN/OUT -  Flow: 1320gph / 4996liter.  Head: 7.5ft / 2,28m. Wattage: 45w

THE FIRST EXPANDABLE DC WATER PUMP: The Maxspect Turbine Duo is the first EXPANDABLE water pump available for both freshwater and marine hobbysts. t is capable of pushing 1000 GPH / 3785LPH. Using a single output or, best of all, add a second impeller to the same pump and increase your flow to 1720 GPH/ 6510LPH. That is a total of 860 GPH / 3255LPH. Per output.  Even better, combine the two outputs into a single output (adapter included) and get 1320 GPH / 4996LPH. From a single output.




Versatile and Multi-purpose: The dual output design makes the Turbine Duo an ideal pump for multi-purpose applications such as a return pump(s) AND feed manifolds.  Or use the pump as a return pump AND media reactor OR chillers OR UV, etc

Compact Performance: The Turbine Duo features three (3) separate configurations. I can replace two "regular" pumps.  Break down the pump to a ultra compact powerhouse using far less space within your sump.

Outstanding Efficiency: The Turbine Duo offers high performance while consuming less energy than the competition.  It is incredibly quiet!

Complete Set of Accessories: Each Turbine Duo comes with a complete set of adapters and accessories for simple to install to almost any system right out of the box.

Type: Internal Return / Flow Pump

Max Flow: 1720gph / 6510lph
Max Head:13ft / 3,96m

Voltage: 24v DC
Wattage: 8-46w
Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.8 x 4.9in 13,97cm x 9,65cm x 12,44cm

Duo Output Flow Specifications

Zero Head

Max Flow: 1720gph / 6510lph
Max Wattage: 48w
Max Head: 8ft / 2,43m

5 Ft Head 

Max Flow: 1190gph / 4504lph
Max Wattage: 44w
Efficiency: 29.7 G/w

Single Output Flow Specifications

Zero Head

Max Flow: 1060gph / 4012lph
Max Wattage: 35
Max Head: 9ft / 2,74m

5 Ft Head 

Max Flow: 660gph / 2498lph
Max Wattage: 30w
Efficiency: 22 G/w

Combined Output Flow Specifications

Zero Head

Max Flow: 1320gph / 4996lph
Max Wattage: 45
Max Head: 7.5ft / 2,28m

5 Ft Head 

Max Flow: 1320gph / 4996lph
Max Wattage: 35w
Efficiency: 23 G/w