Maxspect Recurve 160w

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The MAXSPECT RECURVE 160W is a light of the new generation that combines modernity, functionality and efficiency.

High-power LED strips
30° Variable geometry flaps
Ideal for aquariums from 60 cm to 90 cm.
Tank-top or suspension mount
The adjustable sides allow the light to be adjusted even better to the coral requirements and to illuminate the aquarium optimally.
Use of several lights in MASTER / SLAVE mode
Controllable* with smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS SYNA-G app.





Optiomal iOS and Android control requires ICV6, sold separately

Lighting surface: The lighting surface of a Maxspect RECURVE 160W is approximately 80 cm x 50 to 75cm (depending on the position of the flaps) x 60 cm.. 

 RECURVE 160W: Dimensions (L x l x h) : 600 x 445 x 118 mm : Weight: 4,35 kg

Power Supply Unit. Meanwell LRS-200-24. Input Voltage / Current: 4A/115VAC - 2.2A/230VAC. Output Voltage / Current: 24V 8,8A. Weight: 1 kg