GroTech Magnesium pro instant, 1000g

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In the marine water aquarium, great quantities of Calcium and Magnesium are required.
Magnesium pro instant is a ready to use magnesium mixture.
It either could be used to mix a basic solution or added directly into the aquarium.

Mixing of a Balling-basic solution:
Fill 55 g Magnesium pro instant in a measuring cap and add osmosis water up to 1000ml.
The Balling stock solutions of Carbonat- , Calcium- , Magnesium- and Mineral pro instant must be dosed in equal parts separately from each other !


Mixing of a basic solution:
Fill 1000g Magnesium pro instant in a measuring cap and add osmosis water up to 2000ml.
This solution contains 58500 mg / liter Magnesium (Mg).
By adding of 17 ml of this basic solution the Mg-content will raise approx. by 10 mg per 100 liter aquarium water.
Dosage see table !


Direct dosing:
1 measuring spoon (abt. 9g) results in an increase of the Magnesium content by abt. 10mg/l per 100 liter
aquarium water.
In case of larger deviations, the quantity should be increased over a period of numerous days. In case of minor quantities, please dose directly into the filter bassin at a well- floated area.

When using Magnesium pro instant in the aquarium, please check the Calcium content of the aquarium water regularly. The optimum value is at abt. 1300 - 1350mg/l.