Lysmata wurdemanni - T.B. (L)

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Lysmata wurdemanni, commonly known as the The Peppermint shrimp, is one of the most well known shrimps. Although not bad looking, this famous is mostly acquired because of their ability to eat Aiptasia, also known as glass anemones. With their see-through body with thin red stripes it's an attractive shrimp to watch. Unfortunately, these shrimps are not very bold and will hide close to crevices and holes where they can retract in case of danger all day. So make sure ample hiding spots are available and they usually become a little less skittish. 



These shrimps are very peaceful, but be cautious with very small shrimps. Foodwise they're easy and will eat all kind of detritus, leftover food and even a dead fish, helping to keep the tank clean. You can supplement their diet with any kind of high quality dry food and a variaty of meaty and algae food is advised, depending on the natural food in the tank.

In 2006 L. wurdimanni was reexamined and split into 5 different species. All are very similar looking, but can be distinquished by pattern when closely observed. Because all of them have been proven to eat Aiptasia, we sell different species depending on the availability. Keep in mind that not every individual (regardless of the exact species) will show the same interest in Aiptasia though. Thus acquiring multiple specimens is advised if they're bought for controlling glass anemones.

This shrimp is Tank Bred and will adapt to your aquarium easier compared to a wild caught specimen!