Holacanthus africanus, M

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Africanus Angel. Holacanthus africanus. Care: Beginner. Diet: Omnivorous. Light: Medium. Place of origin: Eastern Atlantic/Mediterranean

West African coast of the eastern Atlantic, ranging from the equatorial waters off Kongo north to Senegal and the Cape Verde Islands. Inhabits very shallow rocky areas and sandy seabeds to a depth of at least 50m. Adults have a relatively uniform brownish olive colour. the central area of the body somewhat paler, and feature a large ocellate 'ear'-spot. Juveniles display a totally different pattern and up to a length  of about 4cm they have a brilliantly orange-yellow caudal fin, and a shinning blue stripe in the middle of the body as well as two narrow blue bars in front and behind the eye. At a length of about  5cm the juveniles begin to change to the adults colours: a sickle-shaped lighter zone appears behind the pectoral fin, the blue colouration fades, and a yellowish  brown one dominates. At a length of about 10cm the fish have the complete adult colouration. Males grow larger than females, and have a broader pale area centrally on the body. Length to 40cm.