GroTech. CoraFix SuperFast, 2 min. Red, 240g.

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CoraFix SuperFast
The fast 2-components coral glue.
Especially for the glueing of hard corals or leather- and soft corals with solid substratum to the tank decoration.
- Odourless.
- Fast hardening also below the water surface.
- Will be covered within shortest time by red calciferous algae or coral tissue.



Operating instructions:
- Scoop the glue components out of the container.
- Please cut-off the required quantity of coral glue and knead same until an even colour has been achieved.
- Afterwards please press the parts to be connected into the mass. Please press and shape the mass accordingly.
- Potting time 1 min. , hardening time 2 min.
- Coral tissue will not be damaged when contacted with glue !
Keep away from children !