Genicanthus watanabei Male

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Watanabei Angel - Male. Genicanthus watanabei. Care: Intermediate. Diet: Omnivorous. Light: Low. Place of origin: Melanesia. Reef safe. Exclusive TMC

Widespread in the Western and Central Pacific, ranging from the Ryukyu and Ogasawara Islands, Taiwan to the Tuamotus; south to New Caledonia and the Austral Islands, also Palau, Marianas and Marshalls. Observed on steep outer reef slopes and drop-offs at depths that may be greater than 50m in some areas, but much less in others like in Coral Sea where as shallow as 20m. Usually in small groups, comprising several females and a dominant male in a harem-like arrangement. Both sexes bluish-grey to blue. Males blue on upper half of body, and whitish ventrally with about 8-12 alternating black and white horizontal stripes, and a conspicuous yellow dash or stripe near caudal peduncle. Dark blue on caudal lobes. A black edge on dorsal and anal fins. Females pale blue, lacking any distinct markings on body, but have a black band above eye, a narrow dark stripe on upper part  of gill cover, a black submarginal stripe on dorsal and anal fins, and black caudal fin lobes. Length to 14cm, excluding caudal filaments.