Genicanthus melanospilos, M

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Swallowtail Angel - Male. Genicanthus melanospilos. Care: Beginner. Diet: Omnivorous. Light: Medium. Place of origin: Melanesia Reef safe

Widespread Western Pacific, ranging from southern Japan to northern Australia, including the Rowley Shoals off north-western Australia, and Coral Sea to Fiji. Prefers steep outer reefs slopes and drop-offs, usually at depths greater than 20m and ranges to at least 50m. Usually found in small groups or in pairs. Males bluish white with many thin vertical stripes over top of head and along entire body, and a black spot on the chest from which it gets its name. Females with yellow upper sides that gradually change to bluish white ventrally  and black caudal-fin lobes. Length to 18cm, excluding caudal filaments.