Genicanthus lamarck, Male L

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Lamark Angel. Genicanthus lamarck. Care: Beginner. Diet: Omnivorous. Light: Medium. Place of origin: Western Pacific- Reef safe

Widespread Western Pacific, from the Ryukyu of southern Japan to the northern Great Barrier Reef, southeast to Vanuatus, and west to Sumatra, Indonesia. Absent from most oceanic locations in the Pacific. Occurs primarily on seaward reef slopes and steep walls, or in protected areas to at least 50m depth. Sometimes on very shallow reef crests of a few metres depth. Both sexes are similar in appearance, being silvery white with three or four horizontal black stripes on the side and a broad black submarginal band in the dorsal fin. Both sexes have numerous black dots on caudal fin, some also on anal and dorsal fins. Attains 23cm.