EasyReefs. EasySPS EVO Gel Coral Food 1,5 liter

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EasySPS EVO is a premium mixture of natural marine plankton in a mineral suspension that has been specifically designed to be used with a dosing pump to ensure an accurate and regular nutrition of the SPS corals. EasySPS EVO contains particles ranging from 0.2 – 400 microns (55% from 0,4 to 200 microns) making it ideal to facilitate the capture by the Small Polyp Stoney Corals (SPS) which spend energy for respiration, mucus production, growth and reproduction.

HOW TO USE: EasySPS EVO Initial dose: 1 ml per day for every 250 L of tank water. Then, increase the dose 25% weekly until you reach the recommended dose. Daily recommended dose: 4 ml per day for every 250 L of tank water. Recommended to use: It is best to feed EasySPS EVO to the aquarium using a dosing pump to ensure the regularity and accuracy of the doses. Apply the product near an internal circulation pump to ensure the total dispersion of the product.




Research has shown that the total energy demand cannot be met by photosynthesis alone. With the use of highly efficient protein skimming and fine mechanical filtration we eradicate almost all organic molecules and particulate matter from our systems resulting low levels of organic nourishment available to our SPS corals. Corals cannot survive exclusively from zooxanthella alone as they require extra sources of proteins, nutrition and carbohydrates.

EasySPS EVO supplies complex carbohydrates, natural lipids and nutritional proteins which provide an immediate source of energy for cellular respiration as well an important energy source beneficial for growth, color and most importantly survival. Useful in recreating the water conditions in and around natural coral reefs, used in conjunction with EasyBooster will help to significantly reduce the need of live food inside SPS dominated aquariums. In this way, both zooxanthella and EasySPS EVO are able to cover all nutritional requirements in the correct proportion.

  • EasySPS EVO is composed of Palaemonetes varians, Tetraselmis, Isochrysis, and Phaeodactylum.

  • The composition of EasySPS EVO boosts corals with high nutritional value proteins with a balanced aminogram, lipid profile rich in EPA, ARA and DHA, carbohydrates and functional micronutrients involved in the metabolic system of these animals.

  • All ingredients are produced at the EasyReefs facilities. They produce their own raw materials to ensure high quality standards in every production process. EasySPS EVO will enhance the brightness and intensity of the colors of your corals. It will also help strengthening and growing SPS corals. EasySPS EVO contains particles ranging from 0.2 – 400 microns (55% from 0,4 to 200 microns) making it ideal to facilitate the capture by the SPS polyps.