EasyReefs. Easyart 250 ml

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Composition: easy reefs® Tetraselmis (100%) microalgae species.

Dosage: The dosage depends on the density of the artemia we are feeding. The consumption is 4 ml of Easyart per 10 litres of culture per day for the first 5 days, (nauplius and metanauplius) and 8 ml of Easyart per 10 litres of culture per day from day 5 of culture (juvenile artemia and adult). If the water of the artemia culture goes clear a few hours after adding Easyart (microalgae have been ingested), then more Easyart must be added.



Example for artemia culture in 10 litres:

  • 1. Hatch the artemia cysts following the manufacturer directions.

  • 2. Once they have hatched, wait 6 hours and start feeding with Easyart.

  • 3. Put 0.5 litres of seawater in a glass blender.

  • 4.-Add 4 ml of Easyart and disperse the microalgae by shaking.

  • 5. Remove 0.5 L of water from the culture so the next algae batch can be prepared.

  • 6. Slowly add the microalgae to the tank to avoid sediment suspensiono.