DSR 500 ltr Maintenance package, 19kg.

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DSR 500L DSR startpackage for 500L (132 gal)



Start/maintenance package contains:

DSR NaCl+ : Pure Salt for adjustment of the Salinity (1x 4500gr)
DSR KH+ (KH uplift) : Natrium bicarbonate (1x 1000gr)
DSR Ca+ (Ca uplift) : Calcium chloride (1x 1000gr)
DSR Mg+ (Mg uplift) : Magnesium Chloride (2200ml)
DSR MgSO4 (Mg + Sulfaat uplift) Magnesium Sulfate (1x 1000gr)
DSR K+ (Kalium uplift) : Kalium Chloride promotes colors Pink/Purple (1x 500gr)
DSR Sr+ (Strontium) : Calcareous skeleton structure stimulator (1x 1000ml)
DSR B+ (Boron) : for growth of sps coralsn (1x 1000ml)
DSR I+ (Iodide) : promotes colors Blue/Purple (1x 250ml)
DSR PO4+ (Phosphate) : additives, usage when corals are bleeching (1x 500ml)
DSR NO3+ (Nitrate)  : additives, usage with tissue loss in corals (1x 500ml)
DSR Fe+ (iron) :  binds phosphate and will be removed by skimmer (1x 500ml)
DSR Carbon v/s: removes Nitrate by feeding ‘good’ bacteria and skimmer (1x 1000ml)
DSR Amino V/S :  stimulates growth of Zoanthids (1x 500ml)