DHV. BioGro 123 Marine 250ml

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DvH Aquatic BioGro 123 Marine creates and improves the biological balance and reduces algae growth in a saltwater aquarium. DvH Aquatic BioGro 123 Marine consists of 3 steps / components for a clear and healthy seawater aquarium.

DvH Aquatic BioGro 123 Marine is a standalone product, but it will also help NP Biopellets work better in the seawater aquarium by further reducing nitrates, phosphates and waste.

A DvH Aquatic BioGro 123 Fresh package consists of the following three separate components (in separate bottles):

  • 1 x Biogro 1 Balance (250 or 500 ml).

  • 1 x Biogro 2 Nitrification (250 or 500 ml).

  • 1 x Biogro 3 Remove sludge for waste (250 or 500 ml).


Biogro 1 Balance: Contains 12 strains of bacteria that produce enzymes that are necessary for a stable biological balance in your aquarium.

Biogro 2 Nitrification: Contains 14 strains of bacteria that enhance the nitrification process. Biogro 2 contains Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter and Nitrospira strains. Bacillus strains have also been added to optimize this process. These bacillus strains work closely with the nitrifying bacteria.

Biogro 3 Sludge: Contains 9 bacterial strains. These bacteria remove the slowly decaying sludge. Sludge / Detritus is a breeding ground for pathogenic organisms. Decaying sludge can cause toxic gases that can harm your fish and corals, and can cause a bad odor release. All bacteria are pathogen free and naturally cultivated.

Instructions for use DvH BioGRO 3

  • Shake well before dosing!

  • Switch off UV and / or Ozone for 1 day when adding Biogro.

  • You can add all 3 steps at once.

  • Dosage is based on an average aquarium, but dosing can be higher or lower without causing negative effects.

  • Use within 6 months of opening.

  • Cooling after opening is recommended, but not necessary.

  • Start Dosage: 120 ml per 750 liters.

  • Weekly Dosage / Maintenance: 40 ml per 750 liters.