GroTech CocoCarbon, 1000ml

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CocoCarbon - High-efficiency activated carbon for marine water

This high-adsorbing activated carbon is made of coconut shells and directly after producing a mineral water solution is added in which the carbon is stored and supplied.
The activated carbon CocoCarbon stands out by its extremely fast and high adsorption characteristics.
With the use of CocoCarbon, the quantity put into the marine water aquarium can be reduced by up to abt. 50 % in comparison to common activated carbon.


Besides, you're doing something for the environment.
Grotech CocoCarbon from coconut shells is a renewable product compared to conventional activated carbon.
This is because conventional activated carbon is usually made from hard coal.

There should be used max. 50 g activated carbon CocoCarbon per 100 l aquarium water.
The activated carbon CocoCarbon should be flowed strongly 2-3 days during the usage in the aquarium and being disposed afterwards. This procudure should be repeated every 4 weeks.