Chaetodontoplus meredithi, Male. S

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Personifer Angel. Chaetodontoplus meredithi. Care: Intermediate. Diet: Omnivorous. Light: Medium. Place of origin: Coral Sea

Eastern Australia from far north Queensland to the Sydney region of New South Wales. Occurs on coastal and inner reefs, usually in sponge and seawhip habitats and adults feed primarily on sponges. Large adults usually on deep reefs, at 30m or more. Juveniles are often in shallow protected harbours and bays. Adults with dark bluish-black covering from caudal peduncle, dorsal and anal fins to dorsal origin above and pectoral fin and almost reaching ventral fins below, then abruptly changing to a pale colour, and yellow tail. The head is mostly blue and adorned with numerous yellow spots, yellow over nape, followed by a plain pale that ranges from pure white to pale blue. Pectoral fin mostly black with yellow margin. Juveniles are mostly black with a yellow tail and ventral fins and a white head-band behind the eye. Length to at least 25cm.