Chaetodipterus faber - T.B. (ALL SIZES)

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Chaeodipterus faber, commonly known as the Atlantic spadefish, is a very large spadefish which is only suitable for the largest home tanks and zoo's. These fish are silvery with black vertical bands and long filaments on their anal and dorsal fins. They look a little like freshwater angelfish but are longer and much larger. When maturing the black bands fade and they become entirely silver with only some black rims on the dorsal, caudal and anal fin.



These fish form large groups till over 500 individuals and swim in coastal waters and mangroves. They're not shy and even swim in water so shallow they can't even swim upright. Their main food source are all kind of invertebrates like shrimps, snails, mussels, worms, jellyfish as well as plankton.

This fish is Tank Bred and will adapt to your aquarium easier compared to a wild caught specimen!