Centropyge nox, M

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Midnight Angel. Melanesia. Centropyge nox. Care: Expert. Diet: Omnivorous. Light: Medium. Place of origin: Melanesia. Reef safe

Widespread throughout the Western Pacific, ranging from southern Japan and Micronesia to northern Australia and Coral Sea. Occurs from coastal reef slopes to steep outer reef walls in sessile invertebrate habitats mixed with algae. Often in large caves but may venture out on rubble seabeds with coralline algae growth in small loose groups. Quickly retreats to cover when approached. Occurs at depths to at least 70m, but more common at the 20m level, rarely shallower. Readily identified by its almost completely black colour, and in large adults it has a yellowish blotch behind the end of the gill cover. This angelfish remains near its shelter and quickly retires to the crevices when threatened. A rather shy and secretive species. Length to 9cm.