Centropyge multispinis, M

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Bluefin Angel. Centropyge multispinis. Care: Intermediate. Diet: Omnivorous. Light: Medium. Place of origin: Western Indian Ocean. Reef safe

Indian Ocean, ranging from the Red Sea and east coasts of Africa to the Maldives and to Andaman Sea, just reaching Sumatra. It inhabits rubble bottoms and coral rich areas to a depth of about 30m. Found also in rocky tide pools in South Africa. In the wild this fish looks almost black. It has an overall dark bluish-brown colour with indistinct vertical barring on the body. The only conspicuous markings are a dark ocellus at eye level above the pectoral-fin base and the blue margins on the ventral and anal fins. Some blue reflective bands show up in the median fins when seen from certain angles. Length to 13cm.