Centropyge bicolor, S

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Bicolour Angel - Melanesia. Centropyge bicolor. Care: Intermediate. Diet: Omnivorous. Light: Medium. Place of origin: Melanesia. Reef safe. Exclusive TMC.

Widespread tropical Western Pacific, ranging from Japan to Australia, and Sumatra to Samoa. Expatriates to subtropical zones, transported by current during their pelagic stage. Common in most areas but becomes rarer in the western and eastern extremes. Usually found on rocky and coral reefs at depths between 10-25m, but in some areas that are sheltered and have good water quality, it can be observed in just a few metres depth. Where common, the adults are nearly always in small groups that actively move about in gutters or amongst corals to feed on algae. Juveniles are solitary and secretive in crevices. A very distinctive species that is immediately recognised  by its half yellow, half blue colouring and its blue band above the eyes. Length to 15cm.