GroTech Calcium pro Liquid, 1000ml

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The solution for a quick increase of the calcium contents

In the marine water aquarium, great quantities of Calcium and Magnesium are required,
in order to achieve an optimum growth of corals and red calc algaes.
Calcium is indispensable for a natural growing of corals.
The ideal Ca-content of the ocean is abt. 400-450mg / liter.


Dosing quantity:
1 ml Calcium pro liquid contains 250 mg immediately available Calcium.
That means 10ml calcium pro liquid increases the calcium value by 25mg/l to 100 l aquarium water
A rise of the calcium value in the aquarium should take place slowly and over several days.

With addition of Calcium pro liquidt the kH-value in the aquarium is lowered.
The kH-value reflects the pH-buffer volume of the water. In case of a too low kH-value, there will be the danger of a pH-drop.
For the increase of the kH value and/or preservation of the pH value please use kH+Ca 1 or Carbonat pro instant.