Blue Treasure. Premium SPS Salt, 20 kg. pose/kasse

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Blue Treasure SPS reef aquarium sea salt is a high quality marine aquarium salt mix designed for reef aquariums housing SPS corals. Mixture has all trace elements necessary for stony corals. Dissolves fast and completely. Made from high grade incredients and contains no nitrates and phosphates. SPS salt has elevated Calcium (430-450 mg/l), Magnesium (1400-1450 mg/l) and Kalium / Potassium (360-410 mg/l) levels to compensate consumption in reef aquariums housing SPS and LPS corals and other shell forming marine life.

20kg = 3*6,70kg bags in a carton.


Packed in 6,70kg (equals 190 liters of mixed sea water) reclosable airtight plastic packs. Smaller packing size is beneficial because the larger amount of salt from a bag is used at a time, the less likely water parameters differ from the expected. This can happen due to salt mix compounds separating inside the bag as a result of vibration during transport. Hence, it is always preferable to use an entire bag of salt or if a smaller portion is needed, salt is properly shaken / mixed inside the bag before use.