Blue Treasure Potassium-K+ Supplement

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Bio Potassium: 

Potassium is one of the most important elements for plant growth and health; it is utilized in photosynthesis, maintaining charge ion balance, in the translocation of important organic and inorganic compounds, and it is essential to many of the biochemical reactions taking place within plant tissues, as is evidenced by the relatively high percentage of plant tissue that potassium accounts for (second only to nitrogen).



Direction for Use: Premix the Bio Potassium-K+ Supplement totally into the water to be added. Calculate the volume of aquarium water, and add the Bio Potassium-K+ Supplement according to the volume. A level of measuring spoon can measure Bio Potassium Supplement appro.10 g/0.35 oz which can mix in 100 L/26 U.S. gallon water. This will raise Potassium-K+ 50ppm.

Maximum dosage of Bio Potassium-K+ Supplement don’t recommended over than 50ppm for each time.

Caution: Please don’t directly add the Bio Potassium-K+ Supplement to your tank. To avoid the stress reaction of marine animals, we recommend to premix Bio Potassium-K+ Supplement before adding.