Aquaforest AF Phosphate test

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AF Phosphate TestPro is designed for quick measurement of phosphate ions in a marine aquarium. Phosphate is a breeding ground for the growth of undesired algae, so it is very important to constantly monitor its concentration in marine tanks. In addition, a high concentration of phosphate may be harmful to corals. Phosphate levels in the marine aquarium should not exceed 0.02 mg/l (ppm). This Test Kit contains sufficient reagents to perform 40 tests of phosphate concentration.



  1. Reagent A-PO4 bottle

  2. Reagent B-PO4 container

  3. 1 test vial with a screw cap

  4. Syringe – 5 ml

  5. Syringe – 1 ml

  6. Measuring spoon

  7. Instruction manual

  8. Color chart