Apolemichthys griffisi, S

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In the Aquarium: The species is generally considered a moderately difficult fish to keep and recommended for experienced aquarists. The true difficulty comes when looking for a healthy specimen, as the fish is rarely seen in the aquarium trade. While considered moderately hardy, this angelfish thrives in pristine water conditions and requires a minimum tank size of 100 gallons. If the aquarist desires to keep more than one specimen or multiple species of angel fish, the tank should be over 150 gallons and specimens should be introduced at the same time. This particular angel requires lots of open space for free swimming and a moderate amount of live rock to serve as a hiding place. High quality sponge foods are required to entice the angel to eat, and should be supplemented with algae sheets and occasional treats of meaty foods. It is best to feed this angel small amounts several times a day. It is not a reef safe fish, and will consume corals, invertebrates, etc. While the specific lifespan of this angelfish is unknown, the average lifespan of angelfish is 10–15 years.

Diet: They have been observed feeding on sponges and tunicates, and it is theorized their diet also consists of weeds, benthic algae, and zoobenthos due to similar feeding habits within their genus.